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 Wudi Longda plastic masterbatch Co. Ltd. ([Wudi Longda]) in Wudi County, Binzhou city is located in the development zone of the Yellow River Delta and Bohai blue ribbon development zone. The company was founded in 2002, the registered capital of 5000000, fixed assets 30000000, is in the north of the Yangtze River's largest plastic masterbatch modern manufacturing enterprises.

In 2012 the company produced 15000 tons of Black Masterbatch color masterbatch masterbatch; and the kinetic energy of 5000 tons; polyethylene wax 3000 tons, sales of 120000000 yuan breakthrough. In 2013, plans to add 4 production lines, for the production of White Masterbatch and defoaming masterbatch, White Masterbatch production plans in 2013 3000 tons, 4000 tons of defoaming masterbatch, when sales and strive to break through 200000000 yuan.

Wudi Longda is leading the field of black masterbatch manufacturer, also is the main supplier of White Masterbatch, color masterbatch, masterbatch. Our products are mainly used in the color film, pipe, sheet, molding, cable, fiber, and the use of the registered trademark to the market: Fu Long Da ®, FLD ®.

With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the market demand for color masterbatch is also increasing, has brought the enormous development space for Chinese masterbatch industry. Looking to the future, the dragon of company will continue to develop diversified products, expand the scale of industry, determined to become the leading position in China's masterbatch products supplier.
Wudi Longda plastic masterbatch Co., Ltd.